All City Teams 2011-2012

Female Bowler of the Year

Lisa Noor
Lisa Noor

Male Bowler of the Year

Matt McNiel
Matt McNiel

Minneapolis 2011 - 2012 All City Teams

Team All City Women

Deb Lantto
Diane Marget
Lisa Noor - Bowler of the Yr
Julie Patnode
Michelle Taylor

Honorable Mention Team
Kris Geister
Debra Hofmann
Trista Kimmes
Michelle Murman
Ryan Oswood

“Bowler of the Year” 2011-2012
Lisa Noor

The Bowler of the Year for 2011-2012 for Women is Lisa Noor. Lisa had the highest women’s average in 2 of her leagues. She placed first in All Events in the Minneapolis Women’s City Tournament and placed 2nd in the Singles event. She tied for 7th place in the MN Women’s State tournament in All-Events. Lisa placed 3rd in All-Events among Minneapolis bowlers at the Women’s National tournament, and placed 2nd in Singles event. She also won the local Queen’s tournament qualifier, and was the top Minneapolis bowler at the National Queen’s tournament.

Team All City Men

John Kreyer Jr.
David Langer
Sam Lantto
Brian Long
Matthew McNiel - Bowler of the Yr

Honorable Mention Team
Jason Barnhouse
John Hommes
Matthew Paine
Chris Rierson
John Stoebner

“Bowler of the Year” 2011-2012
Matt McNiel

The Bowler of the Year for 2011-2012 for Men is Matt McNiel. Matt had the highest averagein 2 of his leagues, and the highest average in Minneapolis at 253. Matt also had the highest series shot in Minneapolis, 868. Matt placed 2nd among Minneapolis bowlers in All-Events at the MN State tournament, and placed 1st in Singles. He was the top Minneapolis bowler at the National Open tournament in All-Events. Matt placed 6th at the Minneapolis Masters qualifier, and was the top Minneapolis finisher at the National Masters tournament. He also shot 10 series over 800, and 12, 300 games during the 2011-2012 season.