Betty M. Holl

Betty has been a member of the Minneapolis Women's Bowling Association for approximately 40 years. Betty was President of the Minneapolis Women's Bowling Association for 29 years and was Vice President of eight years. She has held many offices in all areas of the city and state associations. Betty has represented the city and state at their conventions and has given much time and talent to the inner workings of the associations. Betty was President of the Minnesota State Bowling Council for 12 years and is currently a member of the Minnesota State Bowling Council., This is a group of people who work together to promote bowling in the state in they are made up of people representing the bowling industry, associations and media. Betty was a Delegate to the WIBC National Convention for approximately 20 years and a Delegate to the Minnesota State Convention for approximately 25 years. She was the Recording Secretary to the Minnesota State Annual Association Meeting for 12 years. Betty went on to serve nationally as she served on the WIBC Board of Directors from 1991 through 2002. She served a role as Member Emerita. She served on the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame board and was a member of the National "600 Club" and the Professional Women's bowling Association. As of May 2005, Betty has participated for 38 years in the USBC Women's Championship/WIBC Championship Tournament.

Date Inducted: 
Induction Category: 
Meritorious Service
Hall of Fame Category: 
Womens' WIBC Hall of Fame