Carl W. Dech

Mr. Dech had the reputation of being one of the outstanding bowling captains in city history. He led such outstanding teams as The Minneapolis Star, Blue Moons and Wheaties, both as captain and a bowler. Carl had four 300 games and two of which were sanctioned. One of those 300's figured in his highest series, 790. His games were 235-300-255. He also had a half-dozen series over 760. He was known as the "Lou Gehrig" of bowling. Gehrig played first base for the N.Y. Yankees for 2,130 consecutive games. Dech bowled 2,184 games without missing one league appearance. He averaged a composite of 194 for 21 years. In 1941, at the American Bowling Congress National Tournament in St. Paul, he shot 606 and his doubles partner, Roy Thompson (HOF 1986) had 715, for a 1,321 series, eventually finishing in third place. He also authored a stepladder series in the American Bowling Congress National Tournament in Columbus, Ohio where his counts were 613-614-615.

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Meritorious Service
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Mens' ABC Hall of Fame