Donald 'Don' E. Nordness

Don started bowling in the Minneapolis area when he was 17 years old. He shot an 87 at Bryant-Lake Bowl for the first game he ever threw. That marked the start of a life long passion. When he was 18 he fired a 675 to win the all union tournament at Minneapolis Recreation and he won it from more than 200 bowlers, among whom were the top-ranking bowlers in the area. Don was coached by Shorty Clouse as he knew he had great talent. Don found time to practice a couple of time a week and the "hook" started and his swing became smoother and smoother. Don started setting pins and that allowed him to bowl for free each morning. Don went on to place in the top ten in the Tribune Classic three times. Don won on the All-Star Bowling TV Show when John Dorek was the MC. He beat Bob Chase who was a pro-bowler. Additionally, Don threw a 300 on the televised finals of All-Star Bowling at Lynbrook lanes. Don was in the top five in average in the Minneapolis area in the 1950s and 1960s. He has numerous 300s and has competed in the Minneapolis area for over 60 years and has made it to the USBC National Tournament for 40 years.

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