Earl E. Bladine

Earl competed in bowling leagues for 30 years. He also was a YABA coach for 5 years. Earl held many offices in the Minneapolis District Bowling Association. Some of them were Director, Vice President, President, and Past President all over 25 years. He served on the Membership, Senior, and Nominating Committees in addition to his other duties. Earl really enjoyed helping bowlers and he was very good at presenting at many officer-training workshops he held for secretaries and presidents. Bladine was instrumental in establishing the one-day, 9-pin no tap tournament at Park Place Bowl and he helped at the PBA Regional events held in the Twin Cities. He also contributed many tournament ideas to the association. The Most Improved Average Tournament has a direct like to Earl's involvement. In addition, he founded the Minneapolis District Bowling Association Local Awards Program for all averages, but most importantly for the lower average bowlers. He competed in the Star of the North Tournament and received the following metals: 2-gold, 1-silver and 1-bronze. His league average was consistently around 175 but Earl really excelled by his devotion, dedication and service to the game.

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Mens' ABC Hall of Fame