Earl H. Fisher

Earl began his bowling career in 1955 both as a proprietor and as a bowler at Park Recreational Lanes, an eight-lane house located in St. Paul, Minnesota. While at The Park Rec., he encouraged The St. Paul ABC and WIBC Singles and Doubles Tournaments to relocate to this facility. Earl also started the in-house Mixed Doubles Tournaments that continued as an annual event. In 1958, Earl was hired to manage Biltmore Lanes. Each year he was at Biltmore he earned the opportunity to host at least one of The Minneapolis ABC and WIBC Singles, Doubles or Team Tournaments. In his desire to introduce bowling to the local youth, Earl started a Junior Bowling League that grew to fill over half of the 32 lanes each and every Saturday morning. In 1962, Earl was approached by the owners of Golden Valley Lanes to take over the management of their 20-lane establishment. Over the next 12 years, Earl built an impressive league base. Earl visited local businesses, retirement complexes and handicap care providers in order to accomplish this feat. He even provided bowling instruction and opportunities to the local association for the blind. He convinced local Jr. High school teachers to include bowling in their curriculum. He held instructional classes at the schools using plastic pins and balls. He then arranged for the classes to be bused to Golden Valley Lanes during school gym class to bowl. This youth interest developed into a very successful junior bowling program that filled the 20-lane house every Saturday morning. During the years that Earl ran Golden Valley Lanes, they hosted a number of tournaments including one of the first tournaments to award a new car to the winner. From 1976 to the fall of 1979, Earl went to California to start up a few bowling centers. In late 1979 Earl returned to Golden Valley Lanes where he remained until he retired in 1985. On the participant side, Earl began his love for the sport of bowling in 1955 when be joined his church league at the Park Rec. He bowled in that league through 1958, when he entered the Minneapolis 925 and 950 Classic Leagues at The Audi Bowl. It was there that Earl rolled his first 700 series. In 1961, Earl moved the team he had developed at The Audi Bowl to The Minneapolis All Star League at East Side Lanes. Earl bowled in the league, and was nominated to be Secretary of that league for the next seven years. This is also the year that Earl formed and bowled in the Golden Valley Classic. Earl remained the proprietor, secretary and one of the league leaders in the Golden Valley Classic until he left the league in 1976. During his long bowling career, Earl traveled throughout the country bowling in different city, state, and national tournaments. For eleven years, he was the organizer of at least one and sometimes two, teams that consistently finished in the money at the Famed Peterson Classic Tournament that was held in the Windy City of Chicago. For fourteen years, Earl captained a team that bowled in the highly competitive American Bowling Congress Championships. During his career, Earl built a reputation for being a strong competitor. He was also regarded as one of the most pleasurable participants involved in the events. Earl loves the sport of bowling. He is a man that turned his passion into a career, and during that career inspired a number of people to do the same. Many people participate in sports; few, however, have inspired others to love the game. As a proprietor, as a competitor, as a board member, as an instructor, but mostly as a friend, Earl Fisher has improved the sport of bowling.

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Meritorious Service
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Mens' ABC Hall of Fame