Elaine M. Gamec

Elaine served on the AJBC board for 6 years prior to the YABA Association came to exist in 1981. She was a coach and director until the merger of ABC, WIBC and YABA into the USBC. Elaine served our youth as the Youth Leaders advisor for the Minneapolis youth for approximately 15 years. She attended annual workshop throughout the country. Elaine was even recognized as the Youth Leader Advisor of the year at the National Workshop. Elaine served as Vice President of YABA for a short time. She is currently on the youth committee. Elaine not only served the youth but she offered her talents other committees. Elaine was a coach and assistant program coordinator at Carriage House Lanes for four (4) years from 1981 to 1984, when it closed. When Carriage House Lanes closed, she went to Texa-Tonka Lanes as their program coordinator from the 1984-85 season to the present. Elaine created a yearbook for the youth leagues listing all the teams and the bowler's names. Complete with team pictures, to document the history of the bowlers ever since. Elaine has been the Secretary /Treasurer for the senior league at Texa-Tonka since taking on the responsibility in the 1988-89 season. She also created a yearbook for the senior league with team names, bowler's names and addresses Elaine added pictures of the teams to the yearbook since the 1997-98 season. Elaine was a league secretary for women's leagues. Elaine has run an adult/youth tournament every New Years Day for the past 13 years. She made sure the youth had an opportunity to win scholarships. Elaine has participated in the Minneapolis and Minnesota State Tournaments at various times throughout the past 33 years. She coordinated several teams over the years. She bowled at Carriage House Lanes, Golden Valley Lanes, Aqua Bowl, Medina and Texa-Tonka Lanes.

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Meritorious Service
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USBC Hall of Fame