Gladys L. Kleven

Gladys has served the Minneapolis Women's Bowling Association (MWBA) in many capacities over the years. She was a Director for ten years and she served on many committees. She was a Delegate to the Minnesota State Convention for seven years. At the time of her induction she was bowling in the Pinsetter's Paradise League and Nick's League. Gladys has been a WIBC National Director five times and she has bowled in 20 WIBC National Championship Tournaments. As of May 2005 Gladys has now participated in the WIBC National Championship Tournament for 31 years. In addition, Gladys donates her time willingly to the Bowlers Victory Legion (BVL) drive, the YABA and the Special Olympics programs.

Date Inducted: 
Induction Category: 
Meritorious Service
Hall of Fame Category: 
Womens' WIBC Hall of Fame