Howard 'Howie' M. Herstein

The biggest title of Howie's bowling career came when he was 26 in 1976 at the 13th Annual Hank Muench Classic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The top prize was $10,000 for his 1,549 total. This was the lowest winning total in the 13 years and he had the highest entering average at 219. He bowled with the Leo Mann squad and when he posted his total the tournament had over 2 months to run. Howie called every Sunday to see if anyone beat his score. Howie has three Minneapolis City Championship Titles, 2 team and one doubles title in 1989 with Dave Slonek when they posted 1,244. He holds one St. Paul team Title and two Minnesota State Team Titles. He has four titles in the Fairmont King Kernel Open with two team titles, one doubles title and one singles title. He fired 799 to win the singles title in the Fargo, North Dakota tournament. He has won the Elsie's Lucky 13 doubles title and has a team title in the Minnehaha Open tournament. He also has titles at the Ranham and Skylane 3-man tournament. He has three 299s one of which was in the Minnesota Men's State Tournament at Maplewood Bowl, 4 - 300 games (1974, 1975, 1982, 2004) and a 793 high series and his high end of the year average was 219 in the 1975-76 season at Aqua Bowl.

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Superior Performance - Veteran
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USBC Hall of Fame