James 'Jim' A. Dolan

Jim was the first member to be chosen to the Hall of Fame. He was known as "Mr. Bowling" in the Minneapolis area. Jim spent most of his life bowling or aiding bowling. He came to the Minneapolis area from Chicago in 1908 and was the first one in this part of the country to throw a hook ball. In 1909, Jim won the singles event in the International Bowling Association with a 636. He was a nationally recognized bowler until a shoulder injury in 1928 made him give up as an active participant. In 1933, Jim was the Third Vice President of the International Bowling Association. He continued his activity in bowling as a proprietor until the 1940's. He was one of the first three local bowlers to hold a 200 average for a whole season and had a record 773 in 1918, which held for ten years. Jim was manager of the billiard room at the Minneapolis Club in 1964.

Date Inducted: 
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Meritorious Service
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Mens' ABC Hall of Fame