Juette P. Holseth

She started bowling at the age of five at Pine City Lanes in Pine City, Minnesota. She carried a 130 average by the age of 9. Juette was honored for her superior performance during the last 30 years. She has many tournament titles as well as local, state, national and collegiate awards to her credit. In 1975 at the Big 10 Bowling Tournament in Lansing, Michigan Juette won four Titles. She won the Team Title, Team All Events, the Doubles Title with Donna Bateman and the All Events Title. She repeated this effort in 1976 in Minneapolis, Minnesota when she won the Team, Doubles (with Donna Fisher), Singles and the All Events Titles. She has three Ladies Central Bowlers Association (LCBA) Titles (November 1983, February 1985 and April 1985). She was named to the LCBA All Star 1st Team once and the 2nd Team once. She was the LCBA Bowler of the Year in 1984-1985. In 1982-1983 she won the Minneapolis Women's Bowling Association City Tournament All Events crown with a 1,776 and in 1989-1990 she won the Team Event. Also in 1989 she won the Elsie's Lucky 13 Team Event. She won the Minneapolis "600 Club" in 1983 with a 658 series. She was on the 10-Year Composite Average list for two consecutive years (1985-1986 and 1986-1987) and carried the highest average in Minneapolis three times and the State of Minnesota twice. She led many of her leagues in average during the early 1980's. Juette has been the only full time employee of The Metro Bowler and associated with the paper for 15 of its 16 years. Juette is a member of the Bowling Writers Association of America for 13 years and the National Women's Bowling Writers for 8 years and the Midwest Bowling Writers Association for many years. She has many of her articles and photo's published in most of the national bowling magazines. Her high game of 290 was shot at Baden's Stadium Bowl in Bloomington, Minnesota and her high series of 710 at the time of her induction came in 1980 also at Baden's Stadium Bowl. Her high average of 200 was in the 1983-1984 season at Baden's Stadium Bowl.

Date Inducted: 
Induction Category: 
Superior Performance
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Womens' WIBC Hall of Fame