Kristin 'Kris' K. Geister

As a volunteer, Kris has served as a Director on the Minneapolis Women's Bowling Association since 1998. She has donated her time on the following committees; Mixed Couples Tournament, Most Improved Average, Brackets, Metro Queens, US Open, BVL, Audit and most recently on the USBC Transition Board. As a competitor, she has accumulated numerous titles at the local level. They are: a 1999 St Paul Actual All Events Champion, 2000 Minneapolis Mixed Couples Scratch Team Champion, a 2001 St. Paul Scratch Team Champion and the Minneapolis Mixed Couples Actual Scratch Team Champion. In 2003 she won the Minneapolis "600 Club" Scratch Singles Event with a 676 and both the St. Paul Women's Scratch Team Championship and the Minneapolis Women's Scratch Team Championship. In 2004 she won the St. Paul Women's Scratch Team Event. Other titles include the 1988 Ted Archer Mixed Couples Tournament Championship, the 1999 Vi-Lo Sundial Tournament Team Title, the 2001 MJBT/CBA Doubles Championship, the 2003 Metro Queens Tournament and the 2004 Garden Center All Events Title. At the State level she has won the State "600 Club" Tournament Scratch Championship, the 2002 Minnesota State Scratch Team Championship with a score of 2,969, the 2003 Scratch Team Event Title with a score of 3,118 and the 2004 Minnesota State Scratch Team Event with a score of 3,153. Nationally, Kris has competed in the WIBC National Tournament with a 17th place finish in 2005 Classic Team Event, a 49th place finish in the Queen's Tournament in 2003 and a 6th place finish in the Division I Team Event. Kris has been a part of four record setting scores. On January 10, 2001 Kris was part of the team that established the 5-person mixed team game for the State of Minnesota with a 1,307 and Kris contributed a 256 game. On November 4, 2001 Kris was part of the 5-woman series Minnesota Record with a series of 3,477. She contributed 644. On February 11, 2002 she was part of the team that set the Minnesota State 4-women series of 2,896.Kris contributed a 744 series. This series is currently the highest WIBC Series in the nation. And on February 6, 2003 she was part of the team that set the Minnesota State Record for the 4-women game with a 1,022. Kris contributed a 248 to the record setting event. Kris has four 300 games (11/29/1999, 10/31/2000, 7/26/2001 and 10/23/2003) and a high series of 758. She has over 38 series of 700+ and her high average is 213 and she has carried a 200+ average for the past seven years.

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Superior Performance
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Womens' WIBC Hall of Fame