Lisa J. Zang

Lisa came up through the Minneapolis YABA program. She went on to serve the organization by serving as a bowling coach for the YABA members. Lisa has been a member of the Minneapolis Women's Bowling Association and active in this association for over 15 years. She has competed in all venues of the game, from the local classic leagues to the City, State and National Tournaments. Additionally, she has been a member of the LCBA (Ladies Central Bowlers Alliance) and participated in Local, State, U S Open and National Queens events. At the Local Level, Lisa was the leading qualifier in the November 1993 LCBA with a 216.75 average. That year she went on to average 202.99 for 116 games. In 1994-95 she averaged 205.37 for 84 games and in the 1995-96 season she averaged 198 for 39 games. Lisa has two LCBA titles coming in November '94 and February '95. She was a member of the LCBA All Star Team twice. She had a high game of 288 in LCBA competition and in 1993 she was 2nd high qualifier in the Minnesota US Open competition. At the State Level, she was the WIBC All Events Champion in 1998 with a 1,974 all events total. At the National level, she has participated in the National tournament for over ten years. Lisa has three (3) 300 games (9/19/1994, 11/4/1994 and 11/13/1995) and one 299 game with her high series is 762. Her high average is 215 coming in the 1999-2000 season and she has averaged over 200 for the past twelve years.

Date Inducted: 
Induction Category: 
Superior Performance
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Womens' WIBC Hall of Fame