Lois E. Disch

Lois started sanctioned competition at 10 years old when she joined and AJBC League. She became a member of the Minneapolis Women's Bowling Association as soon as she advanced from juniors. She has competed in 35 City and Minnesota State Tournaments and she has competed in 34 National Tournaments. Lois has also served as a Delegate to the State and National Conventions for over 15 years. Lois worked as an assistant to Rosy Vigness and Anne Edwards and she served as secretary for 11 years. She has served as a Director in the Minneapolis Women's Bowling Association for 25 years. She was the chairperson of the scorekeepers for numerous Minneapolis and State Bowling tournaments and she was a scorekeeper at many men's and special tournaments in the area. Lois has donated her time to help with Special Olympics, All-Star Elimination and the National Coca-Cola Tournaments. In addition she served the bowlers directly by being secretary of the Pinsetters Paradise League for 19 years. The committees she has been involved with are as follows: Nominating (City, State and Youth), Legislative, Audit, BVL, Lane Certification, State Credentials, Budget, Youth Audit, Awards, Sportsmanship, Suspension and Tournament Committee for the City, State and Seniors. She has coached each week for over 20 years. Lois is currently serving the Minneapolis USBC as a Director and she is a Junior Representative to the Minnesota State USBC. Lois has bowled several 600 series and had a high game over 250 and a high average of 180. She currently bowls in three leagues.

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Meritorious Service
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USBC Hall of Fame