Michael 'Mike' R. Light Jr

Michael Light, Jr. was inducted in the Discretionary Category of the Hall of Fame on August 14, 2001. The Minneapolis District Bowling Association lost one of its members and great friends when Mike died of cancer on July 12, 2001. Mike started at a young age as a competitor. He started bowling at the age of 7 and he never lost the desire to compete. At the age of 18 he considered one of his biggest accomplishments to be on the University of Minnesota Bowling Team where he competed for a total of two years. Mike's first 800 series came on Wednesday, January 9, 1991 at Skylanes where he put together games of 265-289-247 for an 801 series, giving him an 800 series before a 300 game. His first sanctioned 300 came shortly after on Wednesday, January 22, 1991 at Skylanes while competing in the Skylanes Crosstown League. Mike went on to have 10-300 games and 6-800 series with 844 being his high. The 844 also was the high series for the Minneapolis District Bowling Association for the 1994-1995 season. While competing at Saxon Lanes for Rolling Innovations on January 9, 1996, he moved into the Minnesota State record scores for a five man series. Mike had an 813, Dave Hoppenrath 728, Tom Corbett (HOF 1996) 737, Brad Subak (HOF 2001) 622 and Mark Steiner contributed 717 for a combined score of 3,617. This score is currently in 13th place. Mike has contributed the high game of 289 on the way to a five-man team game record score as well. On October 21, 1999 at AMF Village North while bowling for On Track / Linds with Craig Fleek, Mike Russell, Tom Havlish and Arnie Gerdes they totaled a 1,320 game. This score is currently second in the record books for the state of Minnesota. He had four Minnesota State Association Bowling Tournament titles. In 1997 he was part of the Lind's Shoes #2 team to win the Actual and Handicapped Divisions. In 2000, he was once again in the winner's circle. Bowling on Lind's #2 they went on to win both the Actual and Handicapped Divisions with 3,456 total. Mike had three Central Bowlers Alliance (CBA) Titles. His first was at the age of 21 in August of 1991. Two others followed in April of 1994 at Saxon Lanes and June of 1996 at Doyle's Bowling and Lounge. This was the year-end tournament and Mike took home a record-breaking check for the CBA. After this tournament, the CBA restructured the year-end prize list. Mike's favorite pastime/hobby was bowling. Whether working at Skylanes, bowling in his many leagues or tournaments, or helping the youth and adults, bowling was his passion. He always called bowling his 'main job' according to Mike Light Sr. Mike was featured in a book 'Bowling is for Me' published in 1981 by Lerner Publications Company. Mike was often teased about Hollie, who appeared in the book with him. Mike's shortened bowling career has touched many people young and old.

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Superior Performance - Discretionary
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Mens' ABC Hall of Fame