Nellie J. 'Nell' Hilton

Nell started bowling in the late 1940's and she has numerous city and state titles to her credit. She has two "600 Club" Tournament victories. She recorded many 500's and 600's in the 1940's and 1950's when these scores were tough to come by. Nell won the Minneapolis WIBC City Tournament Double Event twice. The first coming in the 1954-1955 tournament with teammate Flo Schick where they shot a 1,221 doubles set. The second title came in 1961-1962 when she won the Doubles crown with Mavis Simco where they shot a 1.224 series. Nell went on to win two All-Events Titles too. In 1954-1955 she won with a 1,630 and in 1961-1962 she won the All-Events Title with a 1,838. Her high game is 279 with a high series of 707 and a season ending high average of 197.

Date Inducted: 
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Superior Performance
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Womens' WIBC Hall of Fame