Paul E. Johnson

Paul started bowling at the age of 19 but started competing seriously in 1961 while working his way through the University of Minnesota at the newly built Aqua Bowl in Minnetonka. Chet Torrey and Arnie Norman entered his life to develop a love of the game and they taught him to value the integrity of the sport. By the end of 1963, Paul was leading the Aqua Straightaway average race and leading his teammates to the league championship. 1964 brought graduation from the University of Minnesota and a move to Madison, Wisconsin to work for Oscar Meyer. Shortly after arriving in Madison, Paul was drafted to bowl in the Madison All-Star League for Connie Schwogler's (ABC Hall of Fame) team. The Sports Bowl team also drafted him for the Madison Traveling League (one of the premiere leagues of the Midwest complete with viewing stands and hundreds of people at each match). One of Paul's teammates was Jim Lewis (PBA member). The Sports Bowl team won the league championship two years running. Paul won the Madison, Wisconsin City Singles Championship with a 673, on a tough condition. He was the Casino Singles Champion and continued to be the man to beat in match games. In 1966 Paul moved back to the Twin Cities and reestablished himself at Aqua Bowl, winning the league championship and high average for three years. At this time, he also joined the Minneapolis All-Star League. In 1967 Paul joined the 7-Up team in the Minneapolis Masters Traveling and Home Divisions. Some of his teammates were; Virg Enger (HOF 1981), Rich Hommes (HOF 1994), Tom Donnelly (HOF 1995), Len Lorenson (HOF 1989), Pat Holseth (HOF 1994), Phil Kossin and Jack Zezza. From 1967-73 the team won the Home and Traveling Divisions league championship, Alexandria Team Championship, Hibbing Team Championship. Individually, Paul was the St. Cloud Actual All-Events Champion, Hibbing All-Events Champion and the Minneapolis City Tournament Champion in 1970. During this period of time Paul was one of the top five average bowlers in the State of Minnesota. Once finishing 2nd highest in the state with a 210 average.

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Superior Performance - Veteran
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Mens' ABC Hall of Fame