Peter 'Pete' P. Schaefer

Pete has competed in sanctioned league competition of over forty years. He has competed in 40 Minneapolis City Tournaments and 25 Minnesota State Tournaments. He was a member of the PBA for three years and bowled in nine events. He bowled on TV in the All-Star program and he qualified for the finals of the ABC Masters in 1962. He has carried an average over 200 in the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's, well over 30 years. He has a Rochester Team Title and he finished third in singles when he threw a 298 in that event. He has three 300's and two 800's (828 and 809) and a high year end league average of 228 in 1963. However, his competition performance is not what brings Pete to the Hall of Fame. It all started in 1957 when he began bowling and working at Elsie's Lanes. Pete helped Elsie Nelson start the Lucky 13 Tournament concept with her older son, Robbie in the early 1960's. He was one of Elsie's employees when the rules were set for the tournament and the score sheets were designed. Pete was instrumental in starting three other popular tournaments. He started the 'IF' Tournament, the 185 and Under Tournament and the Heavy Pins Tournament. He was a league secretary at Elsie's Lanes and he also was a bowling instructor for many years. He was a proprietor for three seasons at Schaefer's Imperial Lanes in Columbia Heights. Pete was a charter member of the CBA and he sponsored teams for twenty years to the Peterson Classic and the Hank Muench Tournament.

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Meritorious Service
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USBC Hall of Fame