Rose 'Rosie' Schneider O'Brien

Rosie began her bowling career in 1925 competing in the Ladies City League. She rolled one of the first 700+ series in the nation. She tallied a 710 series in 1935. She followed that up with a 707 series in the 1938-1939 season and a 702 series in the 1941-1942 season when she carried the highest series in the nation that year. All three of these 700's won the high series award for the St. Paul Women's Bowling Association.She had the highest average in the Uptown Women's Classic League in the 1944-1945 season with a 171 and a high game of 243. Her highest average was 191 and she competed in almost 50 WIBC National Tournaments. In 1948 she won the first Minneapolis Times Women's Classic Tournament, a four-game actual tournament with a score of 796. During the year of 1949 in Red Wing, Minnesota she won the Singles Title with a 632 series. Rosie competed with a 2-finger ball for many years in Men's Leagues when that was a rarity.

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Womens' WIBC Hall of Fame