Thomas 'Tom' J. Buntzen

Tom started bowling at the age of 13. He was encouraged to bowl by his parents who also bowled. His early role models were Don Carter, Ed Lubanski and Andy Verapapa. Andy Verapapa gave Tom the best bowling tip...'have fun and give back what you get out of it.' Junie McMahon drilled Tom's first bowling ball. He also drilled his own equipment when he lived on the east coast. Locally, he had Leo Mann (HOF 1998), Dave Hoppenrath (HOF 2002) and Dune Suhr drill his equipment. Tom has served in all aspects of bowling and he has some outstanding bowling accomplishments too. Let's start with the service. Tom has volunteered as a YABA coach for 28 years in the Minneapolis District. He has been a league secretary for 14 years and has been the Youth Bowling Program Director for 4 years. He has served the Minneapolis Bowling Association since 1987 and has served as a Vice President since 1996. He has been the YABA Committee Chairperson for 15 years and has served on the Minnesota level as the State YABA Director. Tom has 1 Minneapolis City Tournament Championship Title in the Handicapped Doubles Event in 1972-73. He has a Minnesota State Tournament Team Title in 1976-77 and a Hibbing Doubles Title in 1981-82. Tom grew up with the bowling pro's at his fingertips and he participated in their clinic's whenever possible. He has 3- 300's.

Date Inducted: 
Induction Category: 
Meritorious Service
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Mens' ABC Hall of Fame