Vernon 'Vern' R. Myers

Vern worked with the junior bowling program at Skylanes in South Minneapolis for over 30 years. He also worked with the blind bowlers at Uptown Lanes and the wheelchair bound bowlers, assisting Tom Neumann (HOF 1992) and Claude Kenady (HOF 1984). Vern bowled in the Richfield Businessmen's League, St. Peters League, Luxury Keglers, Diamond Lake Handicapped, among others, and served these leagues by being President, Vice President and Secretary for over 35 years. He was on the league championship teams many times. Vern bowled in many of the City, State and American Legion tournaments over his many years of bowling. He bowled in the Bowlerama program on TV and in his last season of bowling 1987-88 was part of the team that won the V.A. Hospital League. Vern's high game was 300 with a high series of 700. His high end of year average was 211.

Date Inducted: 
Induction Category: 
Meritorious Service - Memorial
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Mens' ABC Hall of Fame