Virgil 'Virg' W. Carlson

Virg started bowling at the age of 27 years old. He bowled out of East Side Lanes and he went into the bowling business at 38th & Nicollet Lanes in 1943. Virg has many tournament victories to his credit, including 20 between 1949-51. His titles are in the Minneapolis City Tournament and Minnesota State Tournament. He was the captain of many fine teams in the 1950's and they won many league awards. Virg finished in second place in the American Bowling Congress National Tournament on three occasions. In his first ABC Tournament in 1949 in Atlantic City he finished in 2nd place in Team Event. In 1954 in Seattle came another 2nd Place in Team Event. Virg's early role model was George Young with E & B Beer out of Detroit. He taught him more about 'playing the lanes' than anyone. Virg was encouraged to bowl by Ed Mady. His high game is 290 and high series is 767. He posted a league high average of 206.

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Superior Performance - Veteran
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Mens' ABC Hall of Fame