Wallace 'Wally' A. Simdorn

Wally has been bowling in the Minneapolis area since 1960. He has competed in the Minneapolis City Tournament for 16 years and 13 years in the Minnesota State Tournament. Nationally, Wally has competed in 23 ABC National Tournaments. He has one Minneapolis City Doubles title with Paul Aarestad. Their count was a record high for 1 year. He has really excelled in the area of service and promotion of bowling. He served as a volunteer and coached the YABA for 22 years. He was League Secretary for 28 years and served the BPA for 22 years with 4 years as Vice President and 4 years as President. He promoted and helped for the Budweiser League and he served as Commissioner of the league for 3 years. Wally has 3 -300 and has averaged over 210 for 4 years.

Date Inducted: 
Induction Category: 
Meritorious Service
Hall of Fame Category: 
Mens' ABC Hall of Fame